Dodia says export of mealie meal a good deal

By Staff Reporter

The Public Sector Development Association (PSDA) has welcomed the lifting of the ban on exportation of mealie meal.

PSDA chairman, Yusuf Dodia said his association was convinced that the country had enough maize stock to feed the people with excess for the export for the export market.

Dodia said that the decision has been made with careful planning and consultations with various stake holders.

“For government to lift the ban, it means it has taken into account the country’s need for mealie meal in the next 12 months which will also be able to cover areas where the country is experiencing a dry spell meaning, there is no need to worry because the decision has been arrived at with proper planning,” he said.

In an interview with ZANIS yesterday, Dodia said the lifting of the ban would benefit the farmers.

And Government has disclosed that it has only allowed the export of 120,000 metric tons of mealie meal following the lifting of the ban last week.

Commenting on the divergent reactions by various stakeholders in the sector, Agriculture minister Michael Katambo said government had taken into account the strategic reserve and had only allowed the export of mealie meal and not maize.

He has also reiterated that the country is food secure.

Katambo added that state security agencies will remain on alert in strategic border points to ensure illegal exports are kept in check and that only mealie meal was being exported.