Mutati expresses delight over palm oil project in Muchinga Province

By Staff Reporter

FINANCE Minister Felix Mutati has praised the economic, social and environment impact of a palm oil producing plant,  Zampalm in Muchinga Province during a visit to the project.

The project is public-private partnership between the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and Zambeef Products.

“It’s amazing that we are now able to harvest; that they are able to produce palm oil and they are able to sell. The passion and the commitment of the workers is incredible, the determination of management is immeasurable. It’s a very satisfying project not only for the local area but for all of us,” said Mutati.

His Royal Highness, Senior Chief Kopa expressed delight at the development saying it would improve the livelihoods of residents.

“From the time Zampalm came to this place, my chiefdom is not as it was before. We have benefited so much and the presence of the Zampalm in the area has changed the lives of the people,” he said

The plantation in Mpika district is set to be a centre of development as the country seeks to grow its agro-processing capacity and create a strong manufacturing base.

Zambeef’s chairman Dr Jacob Mwanza said: “Zambeef took a bold and pioneering spirit to start the project.

“It is a developmental project; developing people around here and will make even more significant contribution to the edible oil industry in our country. It’s so important that we partner with IDC because of the developmental nature of this project. We wanted it to remain Zambian and to contribute to the development of this part of our beloved republic and that as we go along, Zambia will one day be an exporter of palm oil instead of importing.” Dr mwanza said.

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