Kangwa challenges youths to reflect deeply

By Staff Reporter


OPPOSITION Socialist Party youth in Chingola has called on the youths to reflect on their contributions towards social and economic emancipation of the country.


And another youth from Lusaka, Sipiwe Nikisi said it was disappointing to note that youths did not have support from political leaders to pursue their innovative skills.


In a statement made available to newsdayzambia.com SP Chingola coordinator Joseph Kangwa commemorating the 2019 youth day under the theme: Zambian Youths, Generation Unlimited said social challenges such as limited access to education was perpetually placing youths in vulnerable situation.


He said the Patriotic Front government had commodified education system where only children of the rich people had access to quality education.


“Lack of education due to the high cost of school fees. Education has become business to the PF leadership despite knowing that the only powerful weapon to change this nation is education. Lack of employment opportunities which has exposed about 80% of our population to abject poverty of which the youths are in the majority,” lamented Kangwa. “Lack of good land policies to enable us to access land especially those from the poor families. We are finding it generally difficult to access it”.


He said due to many challenges faced by the youths, it was insufferable to note that many of them were resorting to illicit drugs, sexual activities, evil practices and political violence which is a threat to the peace, democracy and the future generation.


“Therefore, as youths we feel that remedial measures should be taken in order to save the lives of this generation. We are also suggesting that the government should create a platform where we will have an opportunity to interact and discuss some of our problems with our political leaders because we feel that marching alone is not good enough on this particular day,” he said.

And Nikisi of Chipata compound in Lusaka said youths were pushed to the peripheral whenever there were important national issues.

“If we go around Zambia these days many youths have 6 points at grade 12, lucky ones have degrees from universities but they all don’t have jobs. So, do you really think that those youths are lazy? No, they are not they worked hard from grade one to university. And what happened at the end, they got nothing from government,” said Nikisi

She said Zambian youths are very hard-working but they have been demoralized by the current government.

And speaking at the same function Cynthia Chanda of Matero expressed her disappointment the investors were not adding value to the economic status of the Zambian youths.

“We are not lazy, I remember very well some time back we could see Zambian youths moulding blocks and at least get a leaving from that but this time around all those works have been taken away by the Chinese and Somalians,” she said. “All the odd jobs have been taken away by the so-called investors.”



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