Zambia delegation ‘denied’ a slot to speak at the mining indaba in SA

By Staff Reporter

Republican Progressive Party President, James Lukuku says Zambians should not be surprised that the delegation led by mines minister was not allowed a slot to speak at the mining international indaba in Cape Town, South Africa as the country has become a boardroom ridicule through out the world because of corruption.

Lukuku said all discussions about corruption in the corparate world at international level as well as lectures in colleges and universities accross the world are depicting Zambia as an example of a cancerous government graft.

“That is the level to which Edgar Lungu and his corrupt regime has taken this once admirable nation to,” he said. “The international community is aware that it is only in Zambia where Sunday Chanda’s brother MacPherson Chanda can steal money for the blind and disabled in millions of dollars and remain off the hook and poshing around freely on the streets”.

Lukuku observed that it was only in Zambia where former community services minister Emerine Kabanshi could take social cash transfer money and stay away with it while beneficiaries languished in hunger and poverty.

He noted that it was only in Zambia where permanent secretaries and ministers and friends of the President could procure 42 fire tenders equivalent to wheelbarrows and gain protection from prosecution while some ministers remained in office even after providing people with expired drugs.

Lukuku said the issue of ambulances and tollgates, useless first lady USA and President Lungu’s international trips  scandals were all in international public domain.

And comenting on the arrest of Ronald Chitotela, Lukuku was optimistic that alot would be revealed.

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