Wina mourns 5 children killed in suspected arson case in Shibunyunji 

By Staff Reporter

VICE President Inonge Wina has learnt with deep regret, the death of 5 innocent children in a fire that destroyed their house in Shibuyunji village.

In a statement to this morning, permanent secretary for administration in the office of the Vice president Steven Mwansa said Wina had sent a message of  condolences  to the affected family.

In her message of condolences, according to Mwansa, Wina demanded for justice against those who might have been involved in the arson case.

“ Those young souls did not deserve to die in such a manner especially because they were allegedly locked in from outside to prevent them from saving themselves. It was a cruel way to die and whoever is responsible must know that the law will not let them go scot free,” said Wina.

“Such cases are not entirely new and for this reason government will ensure that we put a stop to such behavior. How can human beings treat each other like this? What inner peace do the people who did this have at the moment? One thing was for sure, the people who did this are living in fear. Fear of being caught. Fear of being recognized. Fear of what will happen to them once caught”.

She said the killers of the children were living in fear and the law would catch up with them in a matter of time.

“ I call upon the Police command to do whatever was possible to bring those people behind those deaths to book. I call upon the public to be alert and help the police catch those criminals. I know that people are angered but I call upon the people affected not to take the law into their own hands but handover any suspect to the police,” Wina said.

She urged members of the public with information leading to the arrest of suspected criminals to the report them to the police.


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