Chiefs not consulted on delimitation-Chief Chanje 

By Staff Reporter

Chief Chanje of the Chewa speaking people in Chipangali District of Eastern Province has charged that traditional leaders in the area were not consulted over the ongoing delimitation process.

In a statement to chief Chanje said the ongoing delimitation exercise at St. Margarete Secondary School should have been more inclusive and consultative.

“How can they start with our subjects who don’t normally move long distances to know more about wards boundaries. They are saying chiefs should send a representative today, to do what without getting an advice from the chiefs? Let’s work together to speed up this process in the district,” said Chief Chanje.

He said a Member of Parliament and councillors had limited interest to their tenure of office.

“Delimitation is for our future children. Why do we have a problem between us Chiefs and political leaders?” he questioned.


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