ZRA will not disclose audit findings into the mines

By Staff Reporter

ZAMBIA Revenue Authority (ZRA) will not publicize the findings of the mines forensic audit initiated in 2018 following allegations that First Quantum Minerals had evaded paying taxes of up to US$7.6 billion.

ZRA Public Relations Manager Topsy Sikalinda claimed the authority could not publicize a client’s confidentiality.

Sikalinda said a phone interview that the authority could not breach its trust with its clients by making public the outcome of the forensic audit of mining companies.

ZRA assured the nation then they were going to make a full disclosure of their audit findings into activities of tax evasion and avoidance by the mining companies.

But Zambia Tax Platform Coordinator Ibrahim Kamara said if ZRA reveals the results of the audit, civil society organizations could put pressure on the government by advocating for the right tax policies to attain revenue that benefit the citizenry.




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