NDF closes, adopts the draft bills

By Staff Reporter

The National Dialogue Forum (NDF) which ended yesterday after sitting for 16 days from the initial 10 days adopted the draft Constitution of Zambia Amendment) Bill, 2019, the draft Electoral Process (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and the draft Public Order Bill, 2019 for possible enactment by parliament.

In a statement Forum Secretary, Patrick Chisanga disclosed that the delegates made amendments to the Constitution Bill 2019, revised the preamble to confirm that indeed Zambia remains a Christian nation by removing the words multi religious and adopted the principle for formation of coalition government where the candidates fail to reach the 50 percent plus one threshold.

Chisanga said that the Forum had also made amendments to confirm that the National Assembly shall only dissolve at the date of the general election to allow Members of Parliament complete their full 5-year term, provide for entry of women and marginalized groups in parliament and councils through the mixed member electoral system among others.

“On the draft Electoral Process Bill, 2019, the Forum proposed the adjustment in the campaign period from three months to 60 days, provided for the independent candidates to select their symbols from the list made available by the Electoral Commission, provide for the Commission to publish the election time table in a national wide circulation in addition to the gazette and the provision of a coalition government,” he said.

Chisanga further said the Public Oder Bill, 2019, the forum proposed for the enjoyment of the right of freedom of assembly and association and regulate the conduct of public gatherings for the preservation of public order.


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