Haabazoka calls for sanity in the tax regime

By Staff Reporter

The Economic Association of Zambia (EAZ) president Lubinda Haabazoka says bringing sanity to Zambia’s tax regime is the first step towards more measures aimed at enhancing national economic development.

Haabazoka in a statement said Zambia’s economy is actually bigger than captured in official figures and claiming that it was not a coincidence that the country was amongst the most stable economies in Africa.

Haabazoka said unemployment levels, low government revenues and reduced trickledown effect are as a result of leakages in the economy.

“Leakages created by old laws some of which were hastily enacted in the post command economy era of the early 90s.We propose that each citizen fully reads and understands the 7th National Development plan and Vision 2030. To our friends that cannot digest the information at individual level, we have a series of activities lined up this year where these will be fully explained,” said Haabazoka

He said in order to achieve sustainable economic development, each and every citizen should speak with one voice.

“Let us all unite for the sake of our country. Even our critics are now in the forefront of supporting the new mine tax regime because “success knows no orphans”. Those that decided to take an opposite stance are now regretting because the truth has prevailed. Politics, tribe, race, education should not divide us. We are one team. The Zambian team. It’s us vs them in the global economy,” he said.

Haabazoka added that EAZ shall soon propose measures to stakeholders aimed at ending decade’s long national economic development bottlenecks and impediments.




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