Litunga installs Ngambela, returns to Limulunga

By Staff Reporter


SCORES of Mongu residents Monday afternoon gathered at Mulamba harbour to welcome back the Litunga, Lubosi Imwiko II who had gone to Lealui Royal Village to install the Ngambela.


Some of the residents who gathered at Kapulanga, Winela and Malengwa to see the Lozi king enroute to his traditional summer capital, Limulunga, were seen dancing and ululating while others offered their traditional respectful bows.


The just installed Ngambela, Mukela Manyando leaped off the vehicle to offer a handshake to the jubilating crowds.


In Limulunga, the Litunga had a thunderous welcome from the loyalists before the Ngambela thanked and encouraged them to continue the support and unity.


“As Ngambela, I will work with you people and I urge you to embrace love and unity for the sake of Barotseland’s prosperity,” he said.


Meanwhile, speaking earlier at Mulamba harbour, Maunyamo market chairperson David Samba called on young people to have interest in learning their culture and tradition.

Samba urged young people to value tradition as it unites people, saying,

“a community without culture is dead”.




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