5 Lusaka shop owners face prosecution for noise pollution

By Staff Reporter

LUSAKA City Council has recommended for the prosecution of five shops in the Central Business District (CBD) for noise pollution.

LCC Public Relations Manager George Sichimba disclosed that the Public Health Department has recommended to the Legal Department to summon the five shop owners to appear before the fast track court.

Sichimba said that the business owners who wish to embark on promotions should get the permit from the council as not doing so is against the provisions of the law.

He said that the council has been receiving complaints from the general public on noise pollution from some shops and bars.

“For churches, we are trying to meet the church mother bodies and discuss these matters with them because we are receiving complaints of noise pollution by some churches,” he said.

“The law requires that these business owners be it in the CBD or elsewhere, they should come to LCC to seek permission on promotions. As you may be aware, in the CBD there are also offices and it is wrong to be playing loud music in the name of promotions.”




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