Nyoni demands K25 million refund from the Van Blerks over the controversial Baobab land

By Staff Reporter

AN administrator of the estate for the late  Violet Nyoni has sued three brothers in the Lusaka High Court demanding a liquidated refund of K25 million from them.

Denny Nyoni, the administrator of Violet who leased 300 acres of the famous Baobab land  from 1971 and later purchased the same land from them in 1974 is seeking interest on the monies outstanding until further settlement.

Nyoni is further claiming a lieu of all assets of John Henry Van Blerk, Jonathan Van Blerk and Henry Enerst Van Blerk who are the first, second and third respondents in the matter.

According to a statement of claim filed in the principal registry yesterday,  Nyoni stated that in a judgement of the High Court  delivered on April 7, 1987 by the then High Court judge M.S. Chaila who is now late, the sale between Nyoni and the Van Blerks be deemed to have not taken place and further that he be refunded K25,000 together with compounded interest as from 1982.

“The court also adjudged that evaluation of the improvements done on the said property be done and the same be recovered from the defendants,” Nyoni stated.

He further stated that the K25,000 sum ordered to be paid back to the estate of violet Nyoni together with interest thereon as well as the evaluation of the improvements done on the estates has now been done and the amount was now K25 million as at September 16, 2019.
“Pursuant of the said judgement of the 7th day of April 1987, the plaintiff therefore claims liquidated refund of K25,000.000 from the defendant,” stated Nyoni.

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