PF’s influence is waning- Nalumango

By Staff Reporter

United Party for National Development (UPND) national chairperson Mutale Nalumango says the victory in Katuba is reflective of Zambians’ rejection of the ruling Patriotic Front.

Speaking on a Muvi TV’s The Furnace programme last night, Nalumango said the failure by the PF to scoop the seat despite all Government machinery being taken to the area was a sign that the people could no longer accept to be cheated with cosmetic development.

“The PF took a lot of road paving and construction machinery and started paving roads. They were distributing bags of mealie-meal and pieces of meat. They were dishing out huge sums of money to prospective voters. But the people of Katuba just said No!!!, we are not merchandise because we know what we want,” she said.

She said people of Katuba bought into the UPND vision and voted for it’s candidate Aubrey Kapalasa against all manner of intimidation, violence, vote buying and cosmetic development which would soon disappear from the area.

“Health centres were being commissioned and opened, roads were paved while the general economic outlook of Katuba had but temporarily improved. But the people in that area are not as gullible as Edgar Lungu and the PF thought. We advised them to visit PF camps and take part in the daily supplied beef bought using tax payers money. But when Tuesday came, the story was different and Kapalasa will be walking into parliament as a direct replacement of my late sister Patricia Mwashingwele,” she said.

And on the ‘failure’ by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to identify the owners of the 48 flats in Lusaka’ Chalala area, Nalumango described the matter as laughable and described them as a pure case of proceeds of crime since ownership has not been established.

“ACC failing to identify the owners of the 48 properties is equal to cushioning the culprits of that crime and also another way of admitting that the officials at ACC are incompetent. In the same vein, this tells us that even if the ACC were availed with the names and evidence of those behind the said properties, they would not be prosecuted,” observed Nalumango.

She said President Edgar Lungu’s move to rubbish the 2018 FIC Trends Report that outlined huge public funds being embezzled by Government officials was setting a bad precedent and “equivalent” to applauding illegalities.

On the constitution amendment process, Nalumango said the process had been marred by too much politicking describing the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) process as a monologue and flawed process without blessings from the Church.

She said President Hakainde Hichilema’s idea of a dialogue process led by the Church, unlike the inclusion of one-man parties and organizations to the forum would have been the most humane way of addressing the current political malaise which had enveloped the country since the disputed 2016 general elections.

Nalumango also challenged President Lungu to embrace Zambians and ensure that everyone regardless of political or religious affiliation felt secure and not intimidated.

“We want Lungu to exhibit true leadership by embracing and protecting all the people and not only those that are at the wrong end of the law simply because they are PF members. It is wrong for Lungu and his people to pretentiously condemn violence in public and only to tell his supporters to start beating their opponents in secret,” she said.

She said politics was a challenge of ideas and not physical combat to sort out differences as a result of lack of reasoning.

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