Chief Chanje disappointed with east MPs

By Staff Reporter

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people of Chipangali district is wondering why Eastern Province members of parliament do not meet to discuss developmental programmes in the area.

Speaking in a telephone interview with this morning chief Chanje said he had noted that some members of parliament in other parts of the country appear to be very organized and work very hard for the development of their provinces.

He charged that MPs in eastern province have never called for any single meeting with stakeholders to discuss developmental programs the reason why the province was lagging in development.

“Chiefs are surprised that members of parliament in the province cannot organize such meetings to discuss development, which can help in spreading development uniformly, and as Eastern Province we are because we have two paramount chiefs, Gawa Undi and Mpezeni,” said Chief Chanje

Chief Chanje said disappointing to see that members of parliament in the province are neglecting traditional leaders.

“The province has ministers but they can call for a meeting to consult on the challenges people are facing in this areas, soon it will be five years and they will be out of there offices and its worrying because nothing has happened in many areas of the province,” he said.

He added it is also disappointing to see that members of parliament are not coordinating and they are not working together for development of the province.



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