Bishop Mambo fined K25,000 for contempt

By Staff Reporter


THE Supreme Court has fined Bishop John Mambo K25,000 or in default serve custodial sentence of nine months simple imprisonment for contempt of court.


The court ordered Bishop Mambo, who is also Chikondi Foundation Trust founder, to pay the fine in seven days failure to which, he will serve the nine months jail term.


Delivering the judgement of the court, judge Gregory Phiri who sat with judges Evans Hamaundu, Royda Kaoma and Nigel Mutuna said Bishop Mambo’s allegations were unwise and outrageous.

He said the Bishop wrote the letters which caused him to be cited for contempt of court without reading any of the judgements of the courts relating to the Savenda Vs Stanbic Bank case.


Judge Phiri said Bishop Mambo was reckless in his actions because a reasonable man should reflect before writing such letters.

He added that the court found it odd that when the High Court ruled in favour of Savenda, Bishop Mambo, corruption activist Gregory Chifire Rainbow Newspaper editor-In-Chief Derrick Sinjela never protested over the decision but sprung up and started making wild remarks when the ruling was reversed by the higher court.


“As soon as we and the Court of Appeal reversed that decision, they demanded that the verdict was reversed, they sprung up and issued wild allegations against the judiciary. They lectured the Supreme Court on how to write judgments. The contemnors and others insulted the Supreme Court over this matter when they were not parties,” judge Phiri said.

The court added that Bishop Mambo, Chifire and Sinjela’s involvement in the matter was misguided and mischievous, adding that judges who were known or suspected to have been receiving bribes should be reported to the authorities.

Judge Phiri said foreign investors could not invest in a country that was perceived to have a corrupt judiciary.

He said the court takes allegations of corruption very seriously and that was why they jailed Chifire six years and Sinjela 18 months respectively.

And Bishop Mambo said he was relieved that justice had prevailed, adding that he was expecting it.

The Supreme Court also sentenced Chifire six years custodial imprisonment and Sinjela 18 months for contempt of court which arose from the same Savenda Vs Stanbic Bank judgement which the Supreme Court delivered in the bank’s favour.


However, Chifire is believed to be out of the country while Sinjela is serving his sentence for contempt of court.





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