Liquidation of KCM has slowed down Chingola economy 

By Staff Reporter

Chingola mayor Titus Tembo says the liquidation of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has adversely affected revenue collection for the local authority.

Tembo said that the council highly depended on revenue collected from the mining giant, which is embroiled into liquidation legal battles.

“The liquidation has not only affected the council but also the economic activities in Chingola,”he said.

He, however, hopes that the new investor would be found on time to revive the economy of Chingola.

“Our revenue base comes from the mines and other sources. But the activities at KCM have slowed thereby affecting our revenue collections. We hope that an investor is found on time,” Tembo said.

“The economy of Chingola has also slowed down. There is no much active in the district. Chingola is dependent on the mine.”

He was optimistic that the new investor would put the interest of the people first.

And some KCM workers said they are still waiting for their July salaries.

“We are waiting for the July salaries. We hope that by this week, we will be paid. We are not so certain about the future of KCM,” one of the workers said.

Meanwhile, Mine Workers Union of Zambia president Joseph Chewe says the union is keenly following the activities at KCM.

Chewe said the interest of the union was the future of the workers.

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