Chipenzi applauds deregistration of 12 political parties

By Staff Reporter

Gears Initiatives Zambia executive director McDonald Chipenzi has applauded deregistration of some inactive political parties.

Chipenzi said that the reintroduction of multiparty democracy was not only meant to have political parties registered and abandoned but to promote competitive political system in Zambia.

Chipenzi explained that since 1990, there has been a growing trend of registering political parties that were just on paper while others were appendices to major political parties and defacto NGOs.

“Democracy is participation and not being passengers which most of our political parties have become. This must come to a stop and the Registrar of Societies must go further by deregistering political jokers in political parties if the country is to have a sane political system,” he said.

He stated that the political parties register at the Department of Registrar of Societies must not contain political parties which were not active.

“Now that the Political parties Bill failed to be considered at the NDF, the Registrar of Societies must move faster and incorporate some of the provisions from the aborted Bill in the “to be reviewed” Societies Act. Therefore, the deregistration is welcome,” he said.


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