Katete residents demand for borehole hand pumps

By Staff Reporter

Some Katete residents of Chimbalu village are demanding that the Katete council to supply them with hand pumps for the boreholes that were drilled in 2017.

Speaking on behalf of the other residents of Chief Mbang’ombe on Monday, Daniel Banda said the villagers paid for the supply of hand pumps in 2017 but they had not been delivered yet.

“It is painful to drink unsafe water when there are two boreholes in the village but are not in use just because hand pumps have not been installed,” said Banda

Meanwhile, Banda said hunger has hit several households in Zinaka area and appealed to civic leaders and disaster management mitigation unit to help source the relief food.

“Currently people are surviving on pumpkin leaves and other vegetables from the maize fields,” he said.



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