Milupi doubts Sales Tax will be enforced on April 1

By Staff Reporter

The opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) has cast doubt on government’s preparedness to bring into force the Sales Tax by 1st of April this year.

ADD president Charles Milupi said his scepticism was based on the fact that government did not seem to know the impact of this tax regime on the productivity of the country.

Milupi said ADD was also not sure whether government had established what the impact of this tax would be on the mining sector.

In an interview with QTV News, Milupi expressed concern that government had not yet come up tax rates.

“It is however, important that government sets the rate for this tax to enable the corporate world plan in advance for the implementation of the tax regime,” he said.

Milupi warned that failure to announce the rate of the Sales Tax early was sending a signal that government did not think through before announcing this policy decision.

Government has 41 days to publish the new tax measures for the public feedback and input before drafting the bill to be presented to parliament for approval.


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