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LUSAKA Province minister Bowman Lusambo yesterday ‘insulted’ Senior chieftaincy Nkomeshya Mukamambo II of the Soli people of Chongwe during a reconciliatory meeting over land between the royal establishment and government.


And Senior Chieftaincy Nkomeshya has warned Lusambo never to try and embarrass her in public as he attempted to do during the meeting because she had the capacity to hit back.


Lusambo was forced to withdraw his insulting statement by infuriated members of royal establishment as they demanded the withdrawal of the insulting words against Senior Chieftaincy Nkomeshya who spoke earlier.

Last week, Senior Chieftaincy Nkomeshya summoned Lands minister  Jean Kapata, Chiefs affairs minister Vincent Mwale and Lusaka Province minister Lusambo to resolve the standoff arising from Surveyors General’s department carrying out mapping activities without notifying or authority of the chiefdom.


When Mwale introduced Lusambo to speak, the latter expressed his disappointment with Chieftaincy Nkomeshya and the royal establishment that they refused to attend the meeting to be held at his office as a representative of President Lungu.


“If the Chieftainess governs the chiefdom with Indunas, she should be reminded that the president also governs the nation with Ministers and other officials. Iam glad she has come out in the open. So we need to handle this in a sober manner…I rest my case,” he said


Lusambo went on to say “Am disappointed to the chiefdom ……… we need to sort out this matter in a sober manner. You should bear in mind that we carry the Presidency,” he said. “The way we have been called here, its as if we are in court, the president is in court. It’s wrong when the chieftaincy says we shall keep the equipment, its wrong.”


At this point, the people protested the ‘wrong’ term as it was belittling and insulting to senior chieftaincy Nkomeshya and the entire chiefdom.

“Let him apologise, he didn’t come here to molest our chieftaincy, withdraw the word WRONG,” demanded one attendant.


Others were heard saying “You cannot tell our mother that she’s wrong in our presence because allowing you to do so means we are useless” some indunas were heard saying.


Lusambo, however insisted telling chieftaincy Nkomeshya that she was wrong in summoning the cabinet ministers to the royal palace was not an insult but an expression of his dissatisfaction.


He further reminded the audience that he and his colleagues were representatives of government and President Lungu who should be accorded that respect.


“If you want to be above government ………….,” Lusambo continued as he was abruptly curtailed by the people.

But Lusambo’s arrogance only angered the people further and demanded that the meeting be cancelled instead.


Princess Cholwe demanded for respect of the chieftaincy from Lusambo while a member of the lands committee Beatrice Kayuni demanded unreservedly withdrawal of the statement.


“You call yourself my brother but what audacity do you have to say that to the chieftains? What respect is here? There is no need to go on with the meeting then” Cholwe was heard saying.


Lusambo later withdrew the statement after several coercive attempts by some government officials in the government entourage.


Later Senior Chieftaincy Nkomeshya told Lusambo after withdrawing his statement, “never embarrass me because I will react”.

During a vote of thanks, Chongwe council chairperson Geoffrey Chuumbwe advised Lusambo to build a cordial relationship with the Chieftaincy as she was a free, frank and an open person.

“Continue protecting us ma,” Chuumbwe told Chieftaincy Nkomeshya.


Senior Chief Nkomeshya confiscated and is holding G.P.S surveying Equipment for Surveyors General’s office, worth 60 thousand dollars since May this year for carrying out survey activities without notifying the chiefdom or the local government leadership in the district.




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