Tembo urges govt to enhance economic productivity

By Staff Reporter

Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Sean Tembo has urged government to consider implementing long-term measures that will enhance overall economic productivity.

In a statement today, Tembo observed that the government had shown some efforts to turnaround the failing economy by engaging in some austerity measures.

“We advised the PF Government that in as much as they are currently trying to implement short term economic turnaround measures, they should also consider implementing long term measures that will enhance overall economic productivity. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we have noted the recent efforts by the PF Government to try and turnaround the failing Zambian economy by engaging in some austerity measures as well as halting the contraction of additional loans,” he said.

Tembo drew the PF government attention to his party’s alternative budget they released on October 29, 2018, which offered economic recovery interventions but were ignored at the time.

He said had the government listened to PeP advice, the economic situation would not have deteriorated to levels where civil servants salaries were paid late while failing to provide social services to the citizens.

Tembo claimed that now that the PF had adopted the PeP 2019 budget was an indication that his party had a financial and economic management agenda for the country.


“The fact that the PF Government can now adopt and begin to implement parts of the PeP 2019 Alternative National Budget further demonstrates that our ideas and plans for the financial and economic management of this country are not theoretical but practical and tangible. It is also worth noting that in as much as the PF Government may copy and paste our robust financial and economic plans and ideas for this nation, they are unlikely to implement these plans with the same discipline and competence that we would,” he said.

“This alone should be an overriding reason why the good citizens of this Republic should consider ushering into office a PeP Government in 2021. We no longer have the luxury to make another mistake like we did in 2011”.





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