Chisanga calls for capacity building of women

By Staff Reporter


WATERAID Zambia has called on stakeholders to engage women on how to put up business proposals for them to easily access finances.

Organization country director, Pamela Chisanga, observed that most women were having difficulties accessing capital for their businesses because they were unable to put up proper business proposals.

Chisanga explained that some women became vulnerable to individuals who put up these proposals for them.

“We need building capacities for women to understand some of these processes such as, if they want to do a proposal to get money from a financial institution, you need to know how to write a proposal and nobody teaches you that.

“People who teach you will end up with you owing to them, you become indebted to them as they helped you to get that money and so you will never progress,” she said.

Chisanga also said women had now put up initiatives to assist them with capital for business.

She said that the money mobilised by women was not enough to set up big businesses.

Chisanga said this called for empowerment from Government organisations and financial institutions.

“There are no alternatives happening, people keep talking about providing finances to improve businesses and all that but nothing ever happens so women have decided that they cannot be waiting for such financial institutions or Government empowerment initiatives to empower ourselves, we are going to empower ourselves,” she said.



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