Tikanyo Festival launched in Shangombo

By Staff Reporter


Global Week of Action this week launched an equality festival, locally known as Tikanyo in Shangombo, Western Province.


And Shangombo District Commissioner Lawrence Nyambe said the Tikanyo Festival was very important occasion as it presented them an opportunity to showcase the potential in the district.


Fighting Inequality Alliance Zambia team leader Daisy Mwilima explained that Global Week of Action was an international event commemorated in over 93 countries.


“We decided to term it Tikanyo, which means equality and we chose to celebrate it in Shangombo so we get information from the grassroots on the challenges they face and offer solidarity to resolve the inequalities,” she said.

Mwilima urged people of Shangombo to speak out and demand for development from government.


And Nyambe said commended the efforts by Fighting Inequality Alliance Zambian efforts as they were complementary of government policy to better the lives of the people.


“The issue of equal opportunities for all is vital in a democratic country and it would be unfair to sideline one group based on their gender, political affiliation and religion,” he said.


Capt Nyambe also explained that Shangombo had potential in crop agriculture, cattle rearing and milk production.


“The only drawback is the poor road which is holding development to reach its maximum level,” he said. “I can assure you that this road has been placed on the link Zambia 8000, it was initially on phase 3 but moved forward to phase 2.”

He said that the road would be upgraded to bituminous standard.

“Once it is done, development will move at a fast pace as investors, both local and foreign would want to invest in Shangombo,” he said.

Meanwhile,  Alliance communications  officer Nawa Sitali said their main objective was to offer  communities  an exclusive platform  and chance to enhance their advocacy  skills while familiarizing  them with core ideas  of dialogue, justice, solidarity.

“The alliance in Zambia was established in 2018 to stand for solidarity with other alliances fighting inequality,” he said.


During the festival, the alliance is offering paralegal, civic participation and governance, gender and family life advice.



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