CTPD hails women

By Staff Reporter

The Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) says International Women’s day helps the country to focus on innovative ways to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women.


CTPD Executive Director Isaac Mwaipopo said that the day helps the nation to introspect and thick through the efforts and progress made towards realizing women’s rights.


” On this day as women in various fields celebrate their achievements in life, there is also need for concerted efforts to better their various fields and improve their welfare,” he said.


Mwipopo said that even as the women celebrate their day, the Centre also recognizes various challenges women continue to face in the country.


“The Centre shares the harassment women who sale on the street for survival are subjected to for a long time from law enforcement agencies following the ban on street vending in Zambia,” he said.


Mwipopo lamented that the action had made their lives difficulty as they have limited options to switch to in the absence of alternative trading places.


He noted that despite the strides being made towards improving women’s access to education, reduced budget allocations to critical social sectors in the 2019 national budget, may impact negatively on women and children’s access to education opportunities.


He has also noted the need for concerted efforts in helping women in mining to meaningfully benefit from extractive industry, as well as address safety concerns besides providing capacity building trainings.


He has expressed the need for women involved in cross border trade, to be provided with more support to help them thrive in their business.


“The Centre hopes that initiatives such as the Africa Continental Free Trade Area will provide opportunities for their growth and access to new markets,” he said.


Mwipopo said that the Centre also cerebrate progress made in improving women’s participation in decision making.


He disclosed that as of 2017, Zambia was among the few African countries to have a female vice president besides Gambia and Tanzania.


He further said that women empowerment had been identified as one of the best and surest ways that Africa can turn around the narrative of poverty and disease.



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