Laura questions Lusambo’s wealth

By Staff Reporter

Alliance for Community Action Executive Director Laura Miti is wondering how Kabushi member of parliament Bowman Lusambo has become wealth.

Lusambo on Saturday donated assorted items including mealie meal and cooking oil worth K600, 000 to the old and less privileged in his constituency.

Speaking during the donation at Musa Kasonka grounds, Lusambo said it was important to look after the less privileged while he pledged to make more donations.

But Miti said that to make such kind of a donation, Lusambo had to pay something in the region of K1million from his own pocket.

“Now, we all know that, in 2011, Lusambo was an MMD cadre with no money whatsoever. This means he has somehow, since assuming office, become arguably richer than the government he serves in,” Miti said.

She lamented government is so broke that it is failing to meet its financial obligations.

“Simple question is how has Lusambo made this money? Keep in mind that according to FIC reports, over K15 billion of public money has disappeared in illicit transactions in the last 3 years. I am asking minister Lusambo to explain how he became so rich as to afford this donation. I am also asking the President to get the ACC to investigate this donation,” she said.

“I ask because this, to the uneducated eye, looks like a Minister with money in amounts which cannot be supported by his known earnings. I also ask because we citizens are tired of seeing politicians and other connected people show off inexplicable wealth while the rest of us can barely hold things together. President please help us here”.

Lusambo has also donated 60 desktop computers to public schools through their respective PTA committees in Kabushi to enhance teaching and learning.

“The computers we are donating to some of the schools today cannot be compared to those second-hand computers some former Member of Parliament for Roan constituency used to brag about. These are brand new computers because we believe that our people deserve the very best,” he said.

Other items that were donated include 3,000 blocks and cement to schools that are undertaking various infrastructure expansion projects and 1,000 boxes of washing paste.




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