I will not challenge my expulsion from PF – Kalaba

By Staff Reporter

Former Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba says he will not challenge the ruling Patriotic Front decision to expel him from the party in the courts of law.

Speaking at a press briefing at Intercontinental Hotel this morning, Kalaba said instead he wants to focus on mobilizing support as he takes up the position of Democratic Party Presidential candidate for 2021.

He said he has decided not to challenge the PF decision to expel him because he wants to spare the courts from issues of adjournments.

“I do not wish to challenge the decision of the PF in the courts of law, I will spare the courts the drama of adjournments. I was elected Member of Parliament for Bahati for a period of five years and we are remaining with slightly over 23 months before the next election. A responsible leadership would have avoided the Bahati by-election as the elections are an added cost to the already struggling economy. Unfortunately, the leadership doesn’t care about the prudent utilization of the people’s resources,” he said.

Kalaba also said that he would not participate in the Bahati by-elections.

“I will not participate in the Bahati by-election, instead I will focus on mobilizing support for my presidential candidature for 2021 under the Democratic Party. I will also be taking up today the party president position of the Democratic Party,” he said.

And Kalaba said he still stood with the people of Zambia and for the truth as that is the only crime he has committed.

“I have not, and I have never committed any crime. The only crime was to speak against corruption and to side with the people who are the absolute owners of the resources being plundered. Today I choose to stand on the side of the people, the very people who had chosen me to go to parliament, the same people who motivated me to join politics so that I can be their servant and speak for their betterment of their lives in parliament,” said Kalaba.
Last week, PF expelled Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba from the party.
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila stated that the expulsion of Kalaba was arrived at after intensive deliberations by the Party Central Committee.



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