Kazungula bridge works stall as Zambia fails to make its contribution

By Staff Reporter

Construcction of the Kazungula bridge between Zambia Botswana has been suspended because Zambia has failed to pay its part of the financial obligation amounting to $18 million.

Botswan media report that the contractor is owed $18 million by the Zambia side and this has forced construction workers to go on strike.

The contarctor building  the bridge has since suspened its works due to non payment of project funds.

The idea to construct the bridge was mooted by  the late President Levy Mwanawasa when in August 2007 he and the Botswana President announced the deal to construct the bridge to replace the existing ferry.

The construction of the $259.3 million project, which includes international border facilities in Zambia and Botswana officially begun on October 12, 2014.

Some of the major funders of the bridge are Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) and African Developemt Bank.

The two beneficiary governments are supposed to contibute money to the project but Zambia is failing.





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