CSPR calls for speedy implementation of decentralisation policy

By Staff Reporter

Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) in Southern Province has called on government to roll out the decentralization policy.

Southern Province CSPR Coordinator, Edna Mutaka disclosed that local authorities across the country had the capacity to successfully implement the policy but that they were hampered by lack of resources from the central government.

Mutaka pointed out that as long as resources were not released to councils the decentralization would continue to be a farfetched dream.

“There is no way the government can give local authorities a field without a hoe to use in that field, so there is need for government to release resources for council to fully implement the decentralisation policy,” she said.

Mutaka also advised local authorities to make effective use of the legal framework provided for under the Republican Constitution to carry out mandate and responsibilities required to deliver the needed services to people in various parts of the country.

She also observed that effective performance of most local authorities in Southern Province and across the country was hampered by lack of adequate financial resources to operate optimally and deliver better services to the people.

And Monze District Council Secretary Benson Bwenje said that the council would soon embark on integrating the newly formed Ward Development Committees (WDCs) into the day to day government functions at District level in order to accelerate development in the 22 wards of the District

“Apart from that we envisage that these WDCs once engaged will significantly help to improve efficiency in revenue collection for the local authority in these 22 wards”, he added.

Bwenje also disclosed that the local authority with financial support from government and its cooperating partners had started the construction of bus terminus at the cost of K4.1 Million.


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