Govt approves K1.6 m CDF disbursement to Solwezi Council

By Staff Reporter

GOVERNMENT has approved the disbursement of K 1.6 million Constituency Development Funds (CDF) for the Solwezi municipal council projects.

In a statement today Solwezi council assistant public relations officer Esther Chirwa said after identification and approval of projects by the local authority, permission was granted by the Ministry of Local Government to disburse the funds to allow commencement of works.


“The money will go towards the completion of the market and storage at Zambia market in Kimasala ward, the completion of 1×3 classroom block at Kakombe school in Kapijimpanga, completion of a clinic in Sandangombe ward, completion of a 1×2 classroom block at Kainamfumu school in Kapijimpanga Ward and the completion of an ablution block at Mushitala clinic in Kamalamba ward,” said Chirwa.

“The construction of a 1×3 classroom block at Kimakolwe school in Sandangombe ward, construction of a 1×3 classroom block at Kyafukuma school in Kamalamba ward, construction of an ablution block at Tumvwanganai school in Tumvwanganai ward and drilling of a bole hole at Solwezi Technical Secondary School in Kamalamba ward will be among the projects the local authority will implement using the 2018 CDF allocation”.

Chirwa has since urge all the local construction companies to submit their updated company profiles for possible short listing and invitation to tender.



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