Parliament ratifies appointment of judges

By Staff Reporter


PARLIAMENT unanimously ratified the appointment of nine legal officials as judges of the High Court yesterday.


A notice of motion was moved by Kabwe Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube and seconded by Gwembe UPND member of parliament Malungo Chisangano.


According to yesterday’s order paper, the House was being urged to adopt the report of the parliamentary select committee appointed to scrutinise the presidential appointment of Evaristo Pengele, Koreen Etambuyu Mwenda Zimba, Ruth Hachitapika Chibbabbuka, Kenneth Mulife, Wilfred Kopa Godfrey Muma, Abha Nayar Patel, SC, Bonaventure Chakwawa Mbewe and Kazimbe Chenda to serve as judges of the High Court.


In his debate, Mazabuka Central UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo said while those appointed were academically qualified for the position of judge, he had some reservations about Muma’s past handling of the Kamaila settlers matter, as a commissioner of lands.


He also said he had some concerns about Abha Nayar Patel, for being of foreign origin.


“These individuals who have come are basically…. They have a clean sheet, apart from these two concerns of a foreign judge and of another individual who presided over a matter which is still high contentious,” said Nkombo.


PF members of parliament Stephen Kampyongo (Shiwang’andu), Richard Musukwa (Chililabombwe), Chali Chilombo (Nchanga), Bwalya Chungu (Lopososhi) and Given Lubinda (Kabwata) added their voice to the matter.


After debates on the matter, members of parliament from either side of the House approved the appointment of the nine officials.


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