Catholic Bishops deny endorsing pro-NDF protest

By Staff Reporter

Zambia Conference of the Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) has denied endorsing the planned demonstration organised by some political parties and allied CSOs in support of the NDF resolutions for the amendment of the Constitution scheduled for this Friday 26th July 2019 at Parliamentary building in Lusaka.

In a statement, Zambia Conference of the Catholic Bishops Communications Director Fr. Winfield Kunda said that the invitation to the planned demonstration, according to the message being spread in the mainstream media and on social media in which it has quoted the Catholic Bishops ‘in the name of introspection and working together for unity and peace’ to attend the demonstration, seems to suggest that the Bishops are in support of the NDF resolutions recently passed by NDF to amend our constitution.

Fr Kunda said that this is misplaced, misquoted and malicious to the Catholic Church and the faithful.

“The Catholic Church has never supported any politically inclined constitution making processes from the time we started making amendments to our Republican constitution. The Church has always desired a constitution making process that would be inclusive and would stand the test of time for the generations to come. Unfortunately, we are not there yet when it comes to this process,” Fr Kunda said.

“On behalf of the Secretary General, Fr. Cleophas Lungu and the Bishops Conference, I urge the organisers of the said demonstration to desist from riding on the Church for their selfish political interests. The Catholic Church continues to propagate its message of peace, unity and the promotion of the common good devoid of partisan inclination.”




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