Our country is in trouble-Laura 

By Staff Reporter

Alliance for Community Action (ACA) executive director Laura Miti says it is ironic that individuals in President Lungu’s government genuinely believe that each of them can get mindlessly rich.

In a media statement, Miti expressed shock at the depletion of national reserves and how rich some individuals had become since assuming the reigns of power.

Miti said yet Zambians were not asking for much – but schools and universities offering bare minimum education.

“Well, President Lungu and his mates in Cabinet and the PF have discovered a basic law of nature – if you harvest without replanting, you will be hungry next season. Simply, there was just not enough, could never be enough money in our Treasury for the kind of greed for unearned wealth individuals in this government have displayed,” said Miti

She said government recklessly borrowed to essentially beef up their personal coffers and ultimately causing a debt crisis.

“Result – the Treasury is empty and we owe the world! Salaries cannot be paid. Workers in institutions like Zambia Education Publishing House have not seen a payday in a year. National Housing Authority is in the same situation. CBU is closed not because of Luo (who is a terrible Minister yes) but because government is broke. Poor people are dying from treatable conditions because all they get when they go to clinics are prescriptions. Families are hungry! In short, our country is in trouble,” she said

“Guess what the government that inherited an economy on the rise and healthy reserves has decided is the way to remedy the huge crisis on their hands? They are sending motivational texts to citizens asking us to be patriotic. HA! Sorry President Lungu but we need a concrete response to the problems you created”.

Miti said Zambians had raised a #YellowCard to their collective intelligence, which had constantly been insulted.

“Oh, by the way, President Lungu, please leave our constitution alone. Don’t you think you have harmed our country enough?” she asked.

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