HH pays tribute to fallen heroes

By Staff Reporter
UNITED  party for national development UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says Heroes and Unity Day should reflect  the occasion to promote patriotism.
In a statement to newsdayZambia.com this morning, Hichilema said there was need to respect founding fathers as they owed a debt of gratitude.
“The first cabinet of ministers consisted also of a white Zambian, Mr Jack Skinner and a mixed race Zambian, Mr Aaron Milner,” he said.
 “Subsequent governments also drew from the Zambian pool of talent that saw people like Dipak Patel, Dev Babar and Guy Scott in leadership positions. This  was testament to what good can occur when we are united,” said Hichilema
“Today we face the challenges of regionalism and its ugly cousin, tribalism, which brings nothing but division and exclusion. Every citizen has the right to take pride in their heritage and customs as long as it does not trample on other citizens’ rights or spread intolerance,” said Hichilema. “Nobody is superior or more worthy than the next person, we are all equal, whether a Luchazi from North Western Province, Bwile from Luapula, Kunda from Eastern Province or a Zambian of Indian descent. Our different backgrounds should be seen as a strength not a weakness.Just last month thousands of Zambian Muslims celebrated Eid al Fitr and in October our Hindu brothers and sisters will be celebrating Diwali, ” said Hichilema. “Almost all faiths in the world have in common the golden rule that teaches us to treat others as we would like to be treated.This ethic of reciprocity should help us to jealously guard the peace that has reigned in Zambia since independence. We should not take this for granted by succumbing to hate on grounds of others’ tribe, colour or creed, ” he said.
He said There was  hope in the promise of tolerance, love, harmony and the  peace  dividend has been a definite benefit to all. “Especially when we see how some of our fellow African countries have been devastated by the ravages of hatred.Like our founding fathers and mothers, let us be heroes –  today’s willing heroes who are committed to good governance, uphold the rule of law, dutiful in ending  all forms of corruption and have compassion for the plight of the less privileged among us,” he said.
“Together let us work towards building a society that is grounded on love, mutual respect and celebrates the unity in our diversity. Above all, like true patriots let us be faithful and loyal to our mother Zambia,” said Hichilema.



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