Chipenzi demands for NDF financial report

By Staff Reporter

Governance, Elections, Advocacy and Research Services (GEARS) Initiative is demanding for a financial report on the use of K2m allocated for the Constitution refinement through the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) process.

GEARS executive director MacDonald Chipenzi stated that Justice Minister Given Lubinda should fulfil his promise made in the aftermath of the NDF process on May 15, 2019 that he would give a comprehensive financial statement on the expenses related to NDF process.

“Today, it is over 60 days since the NDF concluded its work and the Minister has not issued any comprehensive financial statement and we wonder what is the complication to do so,” he said.

Chipenzi noted that being public money that was involved, transparency and accountability is important to be adhered to as espoused in the NDF Act, 2019 and also to avoid unnecessary speculations and suspicions in the utilisation of such funds.

“To this end, we demand that Justice Minister furnishes the nation on how the K2m allocated to the NDF process was utilised, any change from that money and who benefited from the money since most delegates claimed self-sponsorship including ministers, MPs, CSOs, Clergy, traditional leadership, media, academia and political parties that attended the Forum,” he said.

“It is our hope that this demand for the financial report on the NDF process will be seen in the light of transparency and accountability in the management of meagre public resources especially that the narrative report on the NDF process continues to be shrewd in mysteries as no one has accessed it today except perhaps the Minister of Justice.”

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