UPND to petition Lundazi, Chililabombwe and Chavuma wards by elections results

By Staff Reporter

Opposition United Party for National Development says it will petition election of Patriotic Front candidates in Lundazi, Chililabombwe and Chavuma wards bye-elections owing to the violence instigated by the PF against their officials, members and electorates.

In a statement today UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka stated that in Lundazi, Eastern Province, the PF went as far as abducting their officials and maiming them, leaving them half dead.

Katuka further claimed that there were atrocities and mayhem committed by PF thugs aided by state police in Sesheke that saw the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and others face assassination attempts on their lives due to live ammunition that was being fired at them.

“As a matter of fact, Mr. Hichilema and his entourage were completely denied access into Sesheke for campaigns as they were being blocked despite an agreed campaign programme and venues they should have addressed rallies. On the day Mr. Hichilema tried to address a meeting in the outskirts of Sesheke, some 40kms away from where the PF were having theirs, heavily armed gangs from Lusaka’s Intercity aided by state police disrupted the meeting by firing live bullets at unarmed civilians, with Mr. Hichilema finding solace in the bush going into hiding by walking more than 8 hours,” said Katuka.

He said elections under the PF regime were no longer a contest to serve the people, but a bloody bath for preservation of power and hide corruption.

“We are hence taken aback that PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has also decided to cry about the violence in Sesheke, when his party transported known Lusaka’s Intercity Bus Terminus thugs. And going by the images seen on social media, these thugs are usually with President Lungu and other PF government officials, perhaps the reason they cannot be tamed,” he said.

Katuka added that his party was glad that the PF through Mwila agreed that political violence was one of the crisis the country was facing and must be addressed by the Church led National Dialogue Process.

“We urge the PF to be sober, civil and democratic in the manner they are running the affairs of the country which is currently hurting due to their irresponsible leadership,” Katuka said.

“For now, we are geared and more than ready for Bahati Constituency and other coming elections”.


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