All factors are against Zambians, says Kalaba

By Staff Reporter

DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba has observed that all factors are against Zambians now.
Kalaba said the citizenry unity was needed to transcend politics.

He said Zambia had achieved nothing “in tatters” but that everything was achieved through unity of purpose.
He pointed out that Zambia’s economy was against her people.

“Unemployment is on our back as a people – all factors are against us as a people,” Kalaba said in his Heroes and Unity Days message yesterday.

“Heroes Day is the day when we remember our founding fathers and the contribution that they made to the liberation struggle.”

He added that Zambia’s founding fathers never played partisan politics but regretted that today everything was partisan.

Even matters which need to be bi-partisan have all become partisan! We need to emulate our forefathers. On days like these ones, Heroes and Unity days, we need to remember that nothing was achieved in tatters. Everything that was achieved was through unity of purpose,” Kalaba explained.

“All of us Zambians need to unite and agree that enough is enough. We need to unite as a people and fight one common enemy that we have; the economy is against us as a people. So, there is need to unite and conquer this enemy and we can only conquer by agreeing that certain matters should never be partisan but be bi-partisan.”

Meanwhile, Kalaba, a former foreign affairs minister, noted that the country had many living but unsung heroes.
He named former prime minister General Malimba Masheke and former UNIP secretary general Grey Zulu as examples.

“We have a lot of living heroes; people like Malimba Masheke. I took time to visit the former Right Honourable Prime Minister. The contributions that Malimba Masheke made during the [Dr Kenneth] Kaunda regime can never be taken off the books. Yet he is ignored!” he noted.

“We have heroes like Grey Zulu [but] he is only remembered when he is frail and sick. We have got a lot of unsung heroes in all the provinces. Some of them never even held these political offices but they are part of the heroes.”

He further emphasised the importance for freedom fighters, “the people who contributed to the freedom and peace that we are enjoying as a people, to be recognised and recognised appropriately so.”

“There must be fora where all these people should be brought together and allowed to tell their story so that we can be a better generation. We can’t be a better generation without their input. We can’t ignore them; it’s impossible!” noted Kalaba.



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