It’s a sham for ACC to fail to conclusively investigate ownership of 48 houses, says ActionAid

By Staff Reporter

Action Aid Zambia described a sham the failure by ACC to investigate and identify the true owner of the seized 48 houses.

In a statement Action Aid Zambia Country Director Nalucha Ziba said that her organization is disappointed that ACC was becoming a weak anti-graft body and highly politicized.

Ziba noted that  the body will fail to deliver on its functions while its relevance was becoming questionable.

“It is reported that the “person in whose name the properties are registered in, denied owning the properties and claimed that someone asked for his National Registration Card (NRC) and the next thing was that ACC was on him.”  This story from ACC does not make sense and lacks merit to be a believable story,” she said.

 “The question that we now have is, why didn’t ACC investigate the person who collected the NRC from the gentleman who refutes owning the properties registered in his name?  Why did ACC fail to interrogate the gentleman in whose name the properties are registered in? Furthermore, we fail to understand why ACC failed to analyse documents from the departments responsible for land ownership, housing plans approval, electricity and water connection to mention but a few. Waiting for someone to declare ownership of the properties after “publication of a gazette, while the person in whose name the properties were registered denies ownership”, is not the expected level of investigation that an institution like ACC is expected to do”.

Ziba said that Action Aid was also disappointed to learn that President Lungu “decides how to deal with his appointees under investigation for corruption” as stated by the acting Director General of ACC, Rosemary Nkonde Khuzwayo.

“The acting director questioned why the number of people reporting corruption has dropped. It is very evident why this number has dropped. We believe the confidence levels in the Anti-Corruption Commission are dropping due to lack of delivery on the mandate of the commission. The levels of corruption have increased in Zambia, which is disappointing and a clear indication on why people are no longer reporting on it,” she said.

Ziba has however urged the ACC to revisit the fight against corruption as they are required to do.



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