North-West immigration dept raised K11.6 M in 2018

By Staff Reporter


The immigration department in North-Western Province raised a total of K11, 618,047 from visas and short-term permits in 2018.

Regional immigration officer, Killian Lwindi disclosed that the regional office at the year ended December 31st, 2018, collected a total of 337,660 US dollars and K8, 241,160 in revenues from visa and short-term permit charges.

Speaking during a parliamentary committee on security and foreign affairs meeting, Lwindi said that all the revenue that was collected go to the national treasury.

“The revenues collected last year were below target and can be increased if challenges being faced by the department such as transport and others are addressed,” Lwindi said.

Lwindi explained that inadequate transportation, lack of decent accommodation and poor road network were hampering the work of the officers deployed in the province.

“Some border posts such as Kambimba and Kamapanda in Mwinilunga need support staff from police as the areas have no presence of police command,” Lwindi said.

And responding to the report, committee vice-chairperson, Attractor Chisangano commended the immigration department for the work they are doing despite numerous challenges.

Chisagano, who is also Gwembe member of parliament assured to present their findings to parliament for considerations.

“The province is one of the regions that shares border with Congo and Angola, hence the reason to strengthen security, foreign affairs and economic growth along these areas,” she said.

Chisagano said that there is also need for the department in the province to work together with other stakeholders such as labour department, police and unions to maintain order, safety and peace on issues of security and foreign affairs.



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