Chanje vows to protect land

By Staff Reporter

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipangali district, Eastern Province vowed not to sell traditional land to so called investors at the expense of his subjects.

In an interview with chief Chanje said it was disheartening that people were selling land without consent from chiefs and people that have been in the area for over 40 years.

“Land belongs to chiefs, and many times when people want to sale land we protect for the interest of those who cannot manage to protect it.  We don’t allow anyhow selling of land as its is chiefs who keep many poor people,’’ he said. ‘’If someone has been on one land for years and one sells that piece of land where will those people going to stay or go? If you sell such land its punishment. more and more to the poor.”  

The traditional leader affairmed that no matter the situation, chiefs would always protect land.

“When government, companies or individuals want to have any development, they have to go to chiefs in those areas as they know best which land belongs to who. Even when getting title deeds they have to see the chiefs for recommendation. But now it’s a different case people want to use their own ways, and we will not allow that to happen,” vowed chief Chanje.

“Some government officials are the major contributors of selling land, this has come as many government officials who have been employed in rural areas do not have the heart for the people and they are just being appointed. And they don’t even follow the laydown procedures from chiefs, and they do not even care about the people they save in those areas.”