Sport in Action calls for more infrastructure

By Staff  reporter


Zambian youths are used as violent cadres by politicians because they are engaged in illicit vices like drug and substance abuse because they lack jobs and recreational facilities, observes Sport in Action.

Executive Director Frank Muchindu further lamented that the situation had affected youths negatively as they were prone to committing crime, alcohol abuse, sexual and gender based violence, among other things.

“The risk for the future of a country like Zambia is that apart from exposing the youths to violence, it will cross the obesity lines because the young people are not exercising. This poses a risk to lowering the life expectancy through illnesses. Sport is a yardstick to influencing youths to live positive lifestyles,’’ he said.

“The facilities have either been closed or are not maintained by the authorities. Some of these facilities that are dotted in the communities have been encroached, thereby making it difficult for the children or young people to find safe spaces to play from and interact.”

Muchindu said part of the solution should be the identification of communities where parks would be renovated or constructed.

Muchindi said sports facilities should then be built in such areas.

“Youths from all backgrounds will be able to benefit from the centres. For instance, these centres can be supported by the Ministry of Youth sport and child development. The other aspect is to influence the teaching of Physical Education in Schools. This will motivate the children to love sports,’’ said Muchindu.  ‘’As such the Sports for All concept in the communities will be rejuvenated once key partners have been identified to help.

Sport in Action is a non-governmental organisation that exists to raise the standard of traditional and conventional community sports activities.