Real Nakonde still Super Legaue bound as the case takes a twist

By Maureen Kawengele


Real Nakonde FC is set to play super league football in 2019 season following a shocking and un-expected apology from Kateshi football club at a case hearing held at Football House last week, leaving FA General Secretary Adrian Kashala fuming and confused.

Kashala two weeks ago claimed that he had not received communication from Real Nakonde where they reported Kateshi football club for featuring an ineligible player, a case very similar to the case that made Prison Leopards “qualify” to Super league off season through a boardroom decision.

Real Nakonde had to come all the way to Lusaka to bring proof that they indeed communicated via email within 24 hours. It had to take a search of Kashala’s computer to fish out the mail which was showing that it had been read. I receive a lot of email’s, I missed it, was the defense from the FAZ GS.
Kateshi Football club were summoned to Football House last week, tipped to provide evidence to support their featuring of a player ineligible to play prior to case hearing by a named FAZ official.

The case however, went sour for Prison Leopards FC and some FAZ officials when honest men from Kateshi, Kasama presented an apology letter (confession) copied to FAZ President and Kashala.

The staged hearing went in a totally different direction that they (FAZ) never thought of, a very reliable source has disclosed.
With time fast running out, no options available yet, the promise to Prison Leopards FC is still standing, entangled FAZ is now contemplating awarding all the teams that played Kateshi football club 3 points each so that Prison Leopards still receives three additional points to top the league.
Reacting to this maneuver by FAZ, Real Nakonde FC official on condition of anonymity questioned why the association wanted to award all teams three points just to make Prison Leopards FC get promoted.

“Which precedent is FAZ going to use? When Prison Leopards was awarded 3 points following their successful appeal against Tazara Express FC, FAZ did not award all teams in the league three points,” the visibly annoyed Real Nakonde official wondered.  “Why are they going to such un ethical extents to favour one team?”
The angry official repeated the warning that an audio recording between FAZ official and Prison Leopards will be unleashed soon.

“FAZ should just make the right decision, we won the promotion on the pitch and we are ready for super league action,” the official demanded.
In another turn of events but not surprising, FAZ threw out a case involving Real Nakonde FC and Malalo FC of Kasama. Real Nakonde reported Malalo FC of having fielded an ineligible player. No reasons were furnished to Real Nakonde FC by FAZ why the case could not be heard.
Meanwhile, FAZ is yet to release the official communication of the case involving Real Nakonde FC and Kateshi football club where an apology letter was presented.