Chipata Press Club urges Mawere to tone down over his threats against journalists

By Staff Reporter


CHIPATA Press Club (CPC) is extremely discontented with threats and intimidation on Prime TV reporter, Oswald Yambani ll by Chipata Central member of parliament Moses Mawere.


In a statement to CPC committee member Peter Sukwa said Mawere’s threats on Yambani, who is also the club’s chairperson were unwarranted.


Sukwa said it was important to note that an attempt to contact Mawere was made by the reporter prior to airing the story but he never accorded the journalist an interview.


“Mr. Mawere’s action is unbelievable because if felt aggrieved he would have used the right channel unlike issuing unwarranted threats and intimidation on the reporter. In this vein, CPC wishes to remind Mr. Mawere and other politicians that journalists are not enemies but partners in development and will not be forced to go to sleep in providing checks and balances and hold leaders accountable to their promises,” said Sukwa.


He said the media had a responsibility to leaders accountable to their campaign promises to the electorate.


“We further urge Mr. Mawere to channel his energy to addressing the concerns raised by residents of his constituency unlike engaging in a war of words with Prime TV, because none of his threats will bring water, roads and other amenities that people are in need of,” he said.


Sukwa prayed that members of parliament would heed President Edgar Lungu’s advice for them visit their constituencies and attend to complaints raised by the people.


On Monday evening, Mawere threatened to deal with Yambani for airing a story over his absence from the constituency.

In an audio recording obtained by, Mawere who is also Youth and Sports minister got infuriated Monday evening after Prime TV’s main bulletin broadcast Chipata residents complaining of the failed projects from the time he assumed office.

The Chipata Central lawmaker accused the Prime TV reporter of being a hired gun who was bent on tarnishing his image.

Mawere argued that allegations levelled against him that he does not visit his area are unfolded but are being championed by hired people.

He vowed to deal with the Prime TV reporter.

Lately, Mawere has come under fire from his constituents who feel he had abandoned them from the time they voted for him.