ZCSA certify 645 import vehicles

By Staff Reporter

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) in April 2019 conducted a total of 645 motor vehicle inspections in the countries of export through its contractors to ensure that these used motor vehicles were roadworthy prior to export to Zambia.

In a statement, ZCSA Public relations officer Caroline Kalombe said that in comparison, the total number of inspections for March 2019 was 568, giving an increase of about 12% in the April inspections.

Kalombe said that ZCSA conducts inspections on products falling under compulsory standards to ensure that they comply with the prescribed standards and to prevent the importation of substandard and unsafe goods onto the Zambian market.

“The administration of compulsory standards ensures that products manufactured in Zambia and those imported into the country are designed, produced and supplied in accordance with the requirements of the compulsory standards and meet consumer needs, demands and expectations,” she said.

She added that compliance to compulsory standards also ensures that these products are not only safe but could also compete favourably in local, regional and international markets.

“ZCSA not only promotes the growth of industry but also protects it against unfair technical barriers to trade in both the local and export markets,” she said.

She noted that administration and enforcement of compulsory standards further promotes a culture of quality and safety among manufacturers, consumers and the general public as the Agency continues to execute its mandate.

She further said that used motor vehicles were inspected at source prior to shipment to ensure roadworthiness.

She noted that the Agency has contracted three companies to do inspections at source on its behalf, namely Auto Terminal Japan (ATJ) Limited, EAA Limited and JEVIC Limited.

Kalombe said that the companies provide roadworthiness inspections in Japan, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, which account for more than 90% of total imports of used motor vehicles into Zambia.

She added that importers of used motor vehicles are reminded that the roadworthiness inspection of used motor vehicles at source is a mandatory requirement aimed at ensuring public safety, and environmental protection.

“Some of the parameters checked during inspection include structural damage, lighting, braking and suspension systems, carbon emission levels and radiation, among others,” she said.