PF East divisions worry provincial chairman

By staff Reporter


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Eastern Province chairman Andrew Lubusha is concerned with the divisions in the ruling party emanating from the ongoing intra-party elections.


Speaking to this morning Lubusha admitted that there is tension between the two camps within the ruling party.


“Yes I can confirm that there has been a lot of misunderstandings between team Andrich and team Eliboma, especially during these intra party elections.  Team Eliboma from my brother Elias Daka has   been complaining that elections were not transparent which is not true and unfounded. They lost elections because some of their candidates were not qualified and they were doing campaigns to the wrong people,” said Lubusha.

“Team Andrich has won intra-party  elections at district and constituency level  because we told our people within the party the truth and they believed  in my leadership as provincial chairperson because I was appointed by the President.  I have campaigned for PF and won two presidential elections for 2015 and 2016 in Eastern Province under my leadership”.

He asked the losers to accept the outcome of the elections and challenge for positions in 2022 when the current mandate of the executive expires.

Lubusha has also appealed to PF members to remain united and prepare for the provincial convention.