PAC opposes NDF recommendations

By Staff Reporter

People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) president Andyford Mayele Banda has advised Zambians need stand up and defend the right constitution as the proposals are not yet law.

In a statement after the closure of the National Dialogue Forum in which PAC participated, Banda said a lot of proposals that passed were not necessary and would compromise democracy.

“As a party our route was not to shun this process.  We had hoped that our opposing voice together with other reasonable minds would minimize the damage to the constitution but this was clearly not enough. There is a lot of questionable and unnecessary proposals that this country can’t afford to put in the constitution,” he said.

Banda explained that the main issue that should have been addressed by this forum such as the Public Order Act and electoral reforms had been silent.

“Under the current economic conditions and having passed and survived the issue of deputy ministers why would any right-thinking individual think of bringing them back? The question we should be asking ourselves is what is the motive is.  Why should parliament be dissolved on election day? Isn’t that giving advantage to the sitting MP, especially those with ministerial portfolios, and government during election campaigns? How will that ensure that all players are on same level of competition?  Why should a few individuals decide whether a coalition government is suitable or not? Are these pre-concluded proposals that were brought to the NDF to suit the ambitions of one person and one party? he questioned.

He said that these controversial proposals must be fought.

“Let’s remember these proposals are not yet law, we have an opportunity to ensure there are not enacted. You must also be reminded that no one is going to stand up for you, you have to defend your constitution. This is not a PAC or any other political party issue, we must all take it personal.” he said.

Banda added that a few individuals should not be left to change the constitution by positioning themselves to continue ruling at the expense of majority Zambians.

He said that the country belongs to every Zambian and people should at no point be fooled to think it belongs to a certain privileged group of people.

The PAC president has asked Zambians to launch a non-partisan movement to defend the constitution.