Policy inconsistencies negatively affecting the economy – JCTR

By Staff Reporter

Policy inconsistencies have potential to damage the economy and further affect the lives of the poor, Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflections (JCTR) has observed.

JCTR social & economic development Programmes Officer Chanda Chileshe flip flops on mealie meal export ban, proposal on ZESCO electricity tariffs increase, caused uncertainty among major economic players.

“Policy makers in the country need to heed to the concerns of the public as they plan on matters that affect the country’s economy,” he said.

Chileshe said that the Basic Needs Basket (BNB) publication for the month of April 2019, a family of five in Lusaka reduced from K5,543 in March 2019, K5,519 in April, a decrease of K24.

Chileshe has attributed the reduction to reduced prices of charcoal by K14 going from K159 in March to K145 in April per 90 Kg.

He said that other reductions were recorded in the price of dark green vegetables which reduced by K 3 from K13 in March to K10 in April per Kg.

Chileshe however noted that the mealie meal price component of the basket had remained high.

He has attributed the increase in the prices of tomatoes (from K6 to K15) and onion (from K12 to K15) to reduced supply of the commodities as a result of seasonal factors.

Chileshe has re-emphasised the need for government to take agriculture diversification seriously as it may reduce dependence on one crop and contribute to stabilizing the cost of living in the country.