Lungu appoints Gen. Mihova High Commissioner to UK

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has appointed and sworn in former Army Lieutenant General Paul Mihova as Zambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

President Lungu has also appointed Major General Jackson Miti as Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa and Mwansa Kapeya as High Commissioner to the Republic of Botswana.

Speaking during the swearing in ceremony at State House today, the Head of State appealed to the three appointees to make efforts to understand the contents of the 7th National Development Plan which the country was currently implementing.

President Lungu said the 7NDP is a blue print which will guide them in explaining Zambia’s development agenda at bilateral level.

And speaking when he addressed Lt General Mihoba, the President described him as a seasoned and accomplished public servant who rose through the ranks of the Zambia Army to the highest position of Army Commander.

He said during his tour of duty in the 40 years of serving in the defence force, he had the privilege of serving as defence attaché at the Zambian missions in Mozambique and South Africa.

“This gives you an advantage of understanding the expectations of the government from our people privileged to work in foreign service”, he said.

He added that he had no doubt that he would measure up to the task of being the top diplomat in the UK.

“I expect you to explore more areas of investment between Zambia and the United Kingdom”, he said.

And when addressing Major Gen. Miti, the President stated that he had an inspiring curriculum vitae, having held several senior positions in the Zambia Army.

“You served with discipline, hard work and loyalty for 36 years, earning yourself the second highest position of deputy Army Commander and Chief of Staff from 2016 to 2018”, he stated.

The Head of State urged him to apply his rich background in the execution of duties as a diplomat for the mutual benefit of the governments of Zambia and South Africa and the peoples.

He expressed confidence that Major Gen. Miti would utilize his skills well to enable the country gain maximum benefits from the various trade protocols in a competitive regional environment such as SADC to which Zambia is a member.

President Lungu further said he was looking forward to him exploring new and progressive initiatives which would help improve trade imbalances between Zambia and South Africa.

Meanwhile, the President told Kapeya that with his vast experience in the public service that spans over 40 years, he had no doubt that he would use his skills to improve the existing relations between Zambia and Botswana.

He explained that he was going to Botswana at a time when the two countries are exploring new trade opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional exports.

The President said he was certain that he would employ his skills to market Zambia’s potential in the area of trade and investment.