Roan MP to conduct door-to-door thanks to the voters

By Staff Reporter

Newly elected National Democratic Congress (NDC) Roan Member of Parliament Joseph Chishala says he is extremely disappointed with the police for cancelling a public rally scheduled for Saturday.

In a statement to the media, Chishala said the people of Roan were expecting and eager to interface with the leadership of the NDC, especially after the by-election victory.

Chishala said the people were unanimous about their expectations in the consitituency.

“But all I can tell this current government is that days are numbered, if they think they are decampaigning us or shunning us to meet our people, they are wasting their time, actually what they are doing is that they are campaigning for us because the people of Roan and the people of Zambia are aware of how unfairly we are being treated,” Chishala said

He said the party would reapply for a permit until they met the people of Roan who voted for them.

“One thing the PF should know is that our campaign was simple, we were doing a door to door campaign, we can still do a door to door to give thanks, and I don’t think we need a permit for that, I will personally tomorrow start a door to door thanksgiving to the people of Roan and Mpatamatu, to thank them personally,” he said.

“To the people of Roan stay calm until we come and meet you. But for today me and my team will be worshiping from one of the church’s in Roan, will use this time also to thank the people because I don’t think I can be stopped by the police to attend church and do thanks giving, so if the police think they can stop us from having a rally and meeting people, will use other methods to meet our people,” he said