Mwanakatwe incompetent to manage Zambia’s crisis – Simumba

By Staff Reporter

TRADE and economic consultant Trevor Simumba has insisted that Margaret Mwanakatwe is incompetent to be finance minister.

Simumba last week called for the sacking of Mwanakatwe for allegedly failing to manage the economy.

He further suggested that President Edgar Lungu should consider replacing Mwanakatwe with Dorika Banda.

But the Economics Association of Zambia came out in defence of Mwanakatwe stating that she has the right credentials for the job.

In a statement, the Association deputy national secretary Rita Mkandawire said it was ethically incorrect for Simumba to lobby for  Mwanakatwe’s replacement publicly.

But Simumba has responded to the EAZ stating that his sentiments on the performance of Mwanakatwe still stands.

“I find it quite disheartening that a professional body like EAZ would drag gender into a discussion on the poor management of the economy by the Minister of Finance,” Simumba said.

“This Minister has failed not because she is a woman, NO but because she does not have the competence to manage a public finance and macro-economic system of the country,” he said.

“Yes, she is well qualified and had a stellar career in banking, finance and investment but running a Ministry of Finance is a whole different ball game especially when you are facing a crisis,” he said.

“It is nothing personal towards Madam Mwanakatwe. In fact, you will be shocked to know she is my in-law and a close friend to my immediate family members.”

Simumba charged that public office demands public accountability.

“My genuine and strong opinion is that she is not capable of managing the real fiscal and monetary crisis Zambia is facing right now. She is not the architect of our problems but unfortunately she has made it worse since she became Minister,” he stated.

“And if she remains beyond the next three months many of you including the EAZ and the President will remember my words and warning. I love Zambia and I want Zambia to prosper and succeed but never will I remain silent and watch my country decline,” he said.