Lukulu a peculiar district, says Lienda

Staff Reporter

SOCIALIST Party Western Province coordinator Alfred Lienda says Lukulu is a peculiar district with divergent ethnic groupings living in harmony.

Speaking during a mobilisation meeting in Lukulu and Mitete constituencies, Lienda expressed excitement that the people in the area were responding well to the socialist ideological teachings.

“We are the only district in Western Province where you can find everyone is speaking their language but connect with each other very well,” he said. “We have Luvale, Mbowe, Nkoya, Luchazi here but please kindly speak your tribe freely and we will be able to communicate”.

“Which ever language we shall use to communicate socialist ideology, we are assured information will sink in the minds of the members in the preparation for the socialist Zambia”.

Lienda who was the first Member of Parliament for Lukulu East and Deputy commerce minister in the Chiluba administration said the process to establish a socialist state in Zambia had reached an advanced stage where Lukulu and Mitete could not lag behind.